Movement against Sexual Violence

Movement Against Sexual Violence, formally known as Men Against Sexual Violence, is a student group aimed at engaging people, especially men, from all communities in the fight to end interpersonal violence. By hosting workshops and events we encourage individuals to question the negative aspects of traditional gender roles and embrace an alternative vision of manhood that is not inherently violent, sexist, or misogynistic.

We provide safe spaces for all interested persons to discuss issues of sexual violence and masculinity without fear of being judged, as men are not only perpetrators of sexual violence but survivors as well. Through discussion and social events we hope to give our community the tools to confront and stop interpersonal violence in daily interactions. MASV remains accountable to and works with women as women have been doing anti-violence work for years.

By breaking down and understanding gender roles we seek to redefine them and alter the way they influence society. Together we can bring an end to sexual violence, but it will take all of us.

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