What are Advocacy Services?

The Campus Advocacy Network is an on-campus center that serves students, staff and faculty who have experienced sexual assault, domestic/dating violence or stalking. The advocates at CAN have been trained to Illinois state standards in both sexual assault victim advocacy and domestic violence victim advocacy and have extensive training in stalking, as well as many years of experience working in the systems victims often need to access, such as university administrative systems and the criminal and civil court systems. Our services are free, anonymous and confidential and above all, victim-centered.

When we meet with someone who has experienced interpersonal violence the first thing we do is listen to the person’s experience in their own words. Based on the details of what has happened to them we then begin to identify the specific options that are available to them both on and off campus. Once all of their options have been identified we will discuss the details of each option, including helping a victim understand what each process or procedure will look like for them as well as helping them evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

We know that the victim is the expert in their situation, and we trust that they know what is best for them when they are given complete and accurate information. When a person makes the decision to pursue specific options we will help them navigate those processes. Whether a person chooses to take action or not we are committed to offering emotional support and referrals to healing resources. We want victims to know that we believe them, it’s not their fault, and they have options.

If you have experienced sexual assault, domestic/dating violence or stalking please contact an advocate to discuss your needs by emailing can-appointment@uic.edu or calling 312.413.8206. CAN is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

If you are in crisis and it is outside of CAN’s operating hours, please contact the Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline at 888.293.2080 or the Illinois Domestic Violence Help Line at 877.863.6338.